Ph.D. Student in Economics and Statistics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


I am an Economics Ph.D. student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at MIT. Previously, I was a research analyst at the New York Fed, working with the dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) team under Marco Del Negro on academic research, policy analysis, forecasting, and model development.

I graduated from Brown University in 2018 with an Sc.B. in mathematics and computer science, where I worked extensively with Amy Greenwald on topics in algorithmic game theory and reinforcement learning.

I am also a lead developer of DSGE.jl, a Julia package for solving, estimating, and forecasting DSGE models; StateSpaceRoutines.jl, which contains common filtering and smoothing algorithms for state-space models; and SMC.jl, which implements variations of sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) sampling for the approximation of posterior distributions.


  • Econometrics
  • Development
  • Industrial Organization
  • Trade
  • Market Design
  • Computation


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Ph.D. in Economics and Statistics, 2020-26 (expected)

  • NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

    Non-Degree Mathematics Masters Student, 2018-20

  • Brown University

    Sc.B. in Mathematics and Computer Science (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa), 2014-18


Correlated Equilibria in Extensive Form Games

Python package to represent extensive form games and compute various correlated equilibrium concepts via reinforcement learning algorithms.

Sequential Monte Carlo

Julia implementation of the sequential Monte Carlo algorithm for approximation of posterior distributions.

Tempered Particle Filter

Julia implementation of self-tuning tempered particle filter from Herbst and Schorfheide (2017) for likelihood evaluation of non-linear models with non-Gaussian innovations. Code is integrated into the NY Fed’s package of filtering and smoothing routines for state-space models, StateSpaceRoutines.jl.

Model Constructors

Julia package to build custom model types for simulation and estimation exercises.